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Transolar Galactica

USA / 60 mins

Directed by Adam Harum
Hosted by Dan Webster of Movies 101,, and SpIFF Programmer
Adam Harum, Clancy Bundy, Jade Warpenburg, Isaac Joslin, and Adam Boyd are scheduled to attend.

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Awards: LAWebFest 2012 Winner: Outstanding Visual/Special Effects, Outstanding Cinematography, Oustanding Ensemble Cast, and Outstanding Overall Series.


Bloodthirsty alien beings. Ruthless Space-Dictators. Dangerous mercenary clones. Who are the best and the bravest to save us from these evils? Unfortunately, the galaxy only has the inept crew of the Star Ship Transolar. Follow the haphazard exploits of Captain Remington Trigger as he gathers his misfit crew of space-cronies and stumbles through the cosmos in search of adventure! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, blast off with these exciting tales at this exclusive screening! SEE behind the scenes during a documentary PREMIERE! QUESTION the creators themselves in the LIVE Q&A with the cast and crew afterwards!

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